• Newish Year, One Month In Edition!

    Well, the new year has shaken off the dust of ages and I find myself in a brand new job and a brand new living space, which will most likely become the art space with a living space crammed into the corner. So much to do, so unsure where stuff is because I am still unpacking and sorting and trying to remember what being an adult in their own thing is like again. But I are here and I are doing the things needed to be done, and that's not nuthin'. Now to update this website, long overdue, and continue feeding ideas into the great Keebler machine to spit out the arts! I hope everyone is trying to tackle the new year as best they may!

  • The Heat Is Now On, Listen To It Fizz!

    My, how the time flies when you're walking on the razor edge of an uncertain future.

    But here we are again, the looming heat of summer begins yet again, currently it's 102 outside.

    Sitting here updating the art on the site, filing job applications and sending out resumes like flying monkeys made of hopes and dreams.

    Since my last post I have stuffed yet more programs into the slot for to learn, I'm sure that creaking of my skull plates is just from the heat outside.

    I've also entered the Luxembourg Art Prize contest, giving the European continent the dubious honor of looking at my skull vomit and just maybe giving me a prize for doing so, you may wish me luck over what deities you admit to, every little bit helps.

    And I just keep on keeping on, one foot and one day after another, and on into the future.

    And remember, if you're outside and smell bacon cooking, it's you.


    So we are now into the new year, just past the start of February, and I have been doing all the adult things one does in life trying to get back on ones' feet.

    Wake up, dress like you mean to go to work, even if it's just looking for work, exercise, so you don't freeze up into a hunched little Yoda-type goblin, and eating better than you ever have before (And watch food vids on Youtube like they're porn)

    And publish a book.

    Yes, I combed through my social media and compiled the rantings of my 12-plus years in retail into a book titled, "Hello, my Name Is Nametag" I even did the cover using many new-found and hard-won art skills, and poof!


    So it is now on Amazon, for a very reasonable 8 bucks, full of all I observed and experienced at the big retail circus. Pop in a get yourself a copy if you've a mind to, send it to me and I'll scribble things in it!

    Here's a link:

    So, a little triumph? A ray of hope? A sign that I can and should just get on with it?

    I'll take it, and thank you.

  • Well, that could have gone better 2017 recap

    Oddly enough, I am not reporting this from the Wahoonie, the office where my art lived.

    It appeared to be a normal summer; hot, loud, sunny.

    You move through your days like usual and then summer's done and you look toward the fall and winter holidays and such.

    This time however, I suddenly found myself without my day job, the one that had been feeding my art for 12 years, seven months and three days.

    Amazing how fast things change when all the dominoes fall.

    The end of October found me cleaning out my Wahoonie, my warm nest of artistic solitude and packing up for an uncertain future.

    Finding work, packing stuff and looking at your bank account.

    All the things you need right around the holidays and the end of the year.

    But I am surviving and learning and trying really hard not to lament the loss of my dreams.

    Difficult, but doable.

    Maybe soon I'll have better news to report, gods know I'd love some.

    So have patience, and perhaps we will all smile again in 2018.

  • Ready for my close-up!

    So finally learning how to post videos of me models onto my website. Now onto my continuing challenge to make a store whence in you may buy said models as I get them molded and cast, I am sharpening all my learning curves, and am slapping buttons and stuffing my brain full of the knowledge, listen to it fizz!


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