By C. Smith, Feb 3 2018 06:35PM

So we are now into the new year, just past the start of February, and I have been doing all the adult things one does in life trying to get back on ones' feet.

Wake up, dress like you mean to go to work, even if it's just looking for work, exercise, so you don't freeze up into a hunched little Yoda-type goblin, and eating better than you ever have before (And watch food vids on Youtube like they're porn)

And publish a book.

Yes, I combed through my social media and compiled the rantings of my 12-plus years in retail into a book titled, "Hello, my Name Is Nametag" I even did the cover using many new-found and hard-won art skills, and poof!


So it is now on Amazon, for a very reasonable 8 bucks, full of all I observed and experienced at the big retail circus. Pop in a get yourself a copy if you've a mind to, send it to me and I'll scribble things in it!

Here's a link:

So, a little triumph? A ray of hope? A sign that I can and should just get on with it?

I'll take it, and thank you.


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