Next Time Tomorrow

By C. Smith, Dec 4 2020 08:26PM

So much has happened in the last year, and since my last post which was a looooong time ago we have entered strange new times, the least of which was the announcement that Flash was being discontinued.

Which meant I had to completely re-do my site to make up for the errors popping up and this new version is still waitng for the new items to make my site bigger and better from the company that handles it, but I'll just try to keep this working as best I may.

New projects, 3D models and and new Comics page of my very own madness sprayed thereon, as soon as I can get some kind of slideshow widget, unless I just post all the pages up separately, which seems like a clunky way to do it..

We keep moving forward and hope for the best as we plan for the worst.

Keep an eye on this site, it's still a work in progress!


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