The Heat Is Now On, Listen To It Fizz!

By C. Smith, May 7 2018 08:00PM

My, how the time flies when you're walking on the razor edge of an uncertain future.

But here we are again, the looming heat of summer begins yet again, currently it's 102 outside.

Sitting here updating the art on the site, filing job applications and sending out resumes like flying monkeys made of hopes and dreams.

Since my last post I have stuffed yet more programs into the slot for to learn, I'm sure that creaking of my skull plates is just from the heat outside.

I've also entered the Luxembourg Art Prize contest, giving the European continent the dubious honor of looking at my skull vomit and just maybe giving me a prize for doing so, you may wish me luck over what deities you admit to, every little bit helps.

And I just keep on keeping on, one foot and one day after another, and on into the future.

And remember, if you're outside and smell bacon cooking, it's you.


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