Well, that could have gone better 2017 recap

By C. Smith, Jan 4 2018 10:00PM

Oddly enough, I am not reporting this from the Wahoonie, the office where my art lived.

It appeared to be a normal summer; hot, loud, sunny.

You move through your days like usual and then summer's done and you look toward the fall and winter holidays and such.

This time however, I suddenly found myself without my day job, the one that had been feeding my art for 12 years, seven months and three days.

Amazing how fast things change when all the dominoes fall.

The end of October found me cleaning out my Wahoonie, my warm nest of artistic solitude and packing up for an uncertain future.

Finding work, packing stuff and looking at your bank account.

All the things you need right around the holidays and the end of the year.

But I am surviving and learning and trying really hard not to lament the loss of my dreams.

Difficult, but doable.

Maybe soon I'll have better news to report, gods know I'd love some.

So have patience, and perhaps we will all smile again in 2018.


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